Index & Mounting Pages

The Index & Mounting Page Templates are online

Although your kit should already have a complete index and set of mounting pages printed on heavy-weight paper, users may have a need for extra copies for some reason. So "just in case", we have included the page templates on The Textile Kit Online.

Use the key code on the card in the front of your kit binder to register. If you are having trouble registering at, visit

click on the other resources button

"Other Resources" include PDFs of The Textile Kit Index and extra mounting pages (in two different formats, depending on the kit you purchased), and direct links to "Magnified Views," "More Examples" of samples, and expanded commentary. Links to technical support, references, e-mail assistance, and helpful links are also provided.

If you still cannot access The Textile Kit Online, please contact us (include your name, instructor's name, and college or university name with your request) for login assistance.

Templates in Time