Error Reports

In the new Eco Edition, so far we have a record of the following errors, which will eventually be corrected in future printings:

1. The index may say "go to" but the correct link is (it is correct on the card in the front of the kit binder).

2. On a very few fiber cards, samples #N15 wool fiber and #N24 silk fiber are switched. #N15 wool fiber is dark brown and #24 silk fiber is very light brown in color. This happened early on, so most of these are probably out of the system by now.

3. The index may say, on page 8, last row, "see 64 china silk" but that should read "see 15 china silk."

4. Some early kits contained an incorrect sample for #57 percale. Your percale sample should have a total thread count (combined in both directions) or 180 or higher. If it does not, please contact us for a replacement and we will be happy to send to you.

5. The narrows page may show an incorrect image for sample #N28 Tencel® lyocell fiber. Your Tencel® lyocell sample should be a straighter white fiber than the one shown.

We do our best to provide accurate information, but let's face it, mistakes happen. We encourage you to let us know about any errors you find in The Textile Kit or accompanying software. Please contact us with the exact nature and location of any errors you find. We will do our best to correct these in future editions.

Thank you very much!


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